PhD Program in Telematics Engineering

PhD postgraduate studies in the field of Telematics Engineering led the writing of a Ph.D. and for PhD dissertations Bachelor of Engineering Telematics. A director of the thesis is given in the research area chosen by the student, and he trained in the technique selected area 's while writing a PhD dissertation under the guidance of supervisor.

Ph.D. graduate students benefit from the program's inter-university nature with the possibility dissertation writings of a doctoral co-supervision by professors from the University. Writing in international publications, giving presentations in conferences and workshops and seminars helps to be taught by internationally recognized scientists in the central part of the routine activities of completing this study.


Technologies that make some areas of Telematics Engineering: transmission, network architecture, protocols, communications services and applications, network devices, and length and so on, is one of the most active research areas in developed countries.

Furthermore, the program's approach, which emphasized the training of advanced technology, making it ideal for updating professional knowledge Communications Technology with the latest trends in the application.

The proposed program offers students advanced training in the discipline not only the basis on which technology is developed, but also in the specific topics that are most relevant today, and includes a special program to study methods of research, with the better students can approach the writing of a doctoral dissertation after earned their master's.


  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (DEA) or equivalent degree.
  • In special cases, entry may be considered if the candidate has completed at least 60 credits of Graduate program official or official has a Master's degree.
  • The most suitable candidate for the Ph.D. Program is a student with a Master of Telematics obtained through the Graduate Program Official.
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